Mouse Test Online – Test Mouse Buttons, Scroll, Drag and Side Buttons

Mouse test, aka mouse button test, checks for all the mouse inputs, such as Left Click, Right Click, Double Click, Drag & Drop, Scroll, middle mouse button, etc. Do you also doubt that your Mouse is recording the wrong input but are not sure about it? Use this Online Mouse tester tool to find out.

How Does this Mouse Test Work?

The way the mouse button test work is super easy. All you have to do is click all the available buttons on the mouse one by one. Then, you will see them highlighted in the illustration for all the responsive buttons on your Mouse.

If a button you click doesn’t light up on the illustration, it means that it’s not working. And, in that case, you can further check whether the mouse event is triggered or not (Check here)

How do I know If my Mouse is good?

First of all, take the mouse test. Check for every mouse button you press; the corresponding light on the mouse diagram should light up.

If all the keys in the diagram light up (including the arrows for the scroll wheel), your Mouse is good.

Is my Mouse Double clicking?

You should check out our easy and free-to-use tool, the double click test, to troubleshoot the problem of double-clicking. 

What mouse buttons this mouse tester can test?

There is a total number of 7 mouse buttons this mouse click test can check.

  1. Left mouse button
  2. Middle mouse button
  3. Right mouse button
  4. Scroll wheel
  5. Side buttons

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