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Clicks Per Second Test


World Record for Most Clicks per Second is 15 CPS. Can You Beat it?

Clicks per second is the average number of times you click your mouse. But how many times can you click in 1 second exactly? Is 1 second too short to test click speed? NOT AT ALL.

For your information, let me tell you Usian Bolt runs 12 meters within 1 second. Do you think you fingers can be snappier?


Take the CPS test in 1 second mode and hit your fingers on mouse as fast as you can (i mean go insane!).

Once you click the button, the timer will start and you will have exactly one second to register as many clicks you can. Your click speed will define whether you can beat world record of most clicks per second.

Our click counter will count all the clicks you do in 1 second and show you the same instantly when the 1 second is complete.

Learn How You can score more in Clicks per second test

For a regular person, it is not possible to click more than 4-5 clicks in one second. But you wont believe if I tell you that there are gamers who get as much as 15 clicks in just one second. Yes, that possible!

To increase your clicks per second counter, you must learn methods like Kohi click, jitter click, butterfly click etc.

And the most important thing is Practice. Keep retrying the clicker test using the Restart button until you beat the top score.

If you are finding it difficult to get in to your full potential, you can start with the click test in 5 second mode and then come back and try your skills in 1 second mode.