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Clicks in 100 Seconds

For those who want to practice fast clicking for a longer period, the 100-second mode is perfect. It gives you an interval of a hundred seconds in which you can literally break the button!

It is actually the maximum timeframe for this clicker test. Generally, only serious gamers opt for checking their clicking speed in 100 seconds. If you are looking for a shorter time mode, you can try checking clicks in 10 seconds, clicks per minute , or a CPS tester (5-second test).

The process of checking the click speed remains the same. Just click the big button provided above once to start the timer and then keep clicking without stopping until the period of 100 seconds is over.


The World Record of Most Clicks in 100 Seconds is 6.2 CPS. Can You Beat that?

Completing the 100 seconds

The main challenge of scoring higher clicks in 100 seconds is keeping the pace constant.

As the time interval is comparatively long, fingers get strained due to regular clicking which results in tired fingers. That’s why most people are not able to keep clicking for the full 100 seconds.

It takes a lot of practice to continue hitting the button at a pace that does not hurt your finger and still fast enough to get a decent number of clicks in 100 seconds.

Even the gamers who score between 10-15 CPS in 10 seconds are not able to go beyond 6.2 CPS. This means the more is the time interval, the lower is the CPS.