Mouse Accuracy Test | Play Now to Improve Mouse Click Accuracy!

Use our Mouse accuracy test to check how accurately you use your mouse! It is simple and easy to take with a game-like interface. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you can take this test and improve mouse accuracy.

This game is designed specifically to help the players to increase their clicking accuracy, speed and agility in a fun way.

You can start the mouse accuracy game right away and go with the flow. If you want to understand more details about this test, how to take it, and how it can help you, just read further to find out.

What is Mouse Accuracy?

In simple words, Mouse accuracy is the percentage of times you click the mouse precisely at the desired location on the screen. It is basically how well you handle your mouse.

Having high mouse accuracy helps gamers to aim perfectly on moving targeting in games. For example, most first-person shooting (FPS) games require to aim and kill enemies. Therefore, players have to move their mouse most accurately to ensure they kill every time they shoot.

That’s why most gamers constantly practice improving their accuracy.

To help gamers in doing that, this online game was designed using which you can keep polishing your skills with your mouse.

Steps to use Mouse Accuracy Test / Game?

Following the step by step process to use this test and improve your accuracy.

  • First, visit (click speed test)Β and navigate to the Mouse Accuracy game page.
  • You will land on a welcome screen which has multiple configuration options such as difficulty level, target size, time etc.
  • You can adjust the settings according to your own requirements.
  • Once you are ready to start the game, click on the ‘Start’ button situated below the configuration options.
  • As soon as you press the Start button, a 3-second countdown will start. This is your time to get ready for the test.
  • After the countdown is over, you will see multiple target circles appearing randomly all over the screen.
  • Your task is to move your cursor and click on the target circles before they disappear.
  • These targets will keep popping on the screen for the time period you have selected in the configuration options.
  • You see another 5-second countdown right before the time is about to end.
  • After this countdown is over, you will be shown your results including the total targets, total clicks, click accuracy, efficiency etc.
  • You can click on the ‘Play Again’ button to take the test once again on the result screen.
  • You can also click the settings icon to tweak the configuration of the game.

Changing the Test configuration

This mouse accuracy game has six configurable options to make it playable for all the types of gamers from beginners to experts. These options allow gamers to set the difficulty level according to their preference. You can also choose the target size and cursor style to make the test easier or harder.

Below are the details of all the options that the players can tweak.

Difficulty Level

Our mouse test offers 4 different levels of difficulty – Easy, Normal, Medium and Hard. Of course, the players are free to choose any difficulty level as they feel like.

To toggle the difficulty level, just click on the arrow adjuster inside the Difficulty box. The selected level will be displayed in the box itself along with its icon. If you are just beginning as a gamer, our advice is to choose the Easy level first and then gradually move to Medium, Hard and Extreme.

Cursor Style

The game also lets you choose the cursor style. Players can either select the Precision Select Cursor or the Normal Select Cursor. It is not to be confused that the precision cursor is better than the normal one. That’s not the case.

This option only lets you change the cursor icon and not it’s precision. So, no matter which cursor you choose, your score completely depends on your skills.

Some players just prefer the precision select cursor icon because a similar cursor is seen in most of the games.

Target Size

As you already know, there will be multiple target circles on the game screen that the players have to click. The number of targets clicked defines the test results.

The Target size defines the size of the circles that appear on the test screen. That’s why it is the most important setting that you would want to customize.

There are four target sizes available – Large, Medium, Small & Tiny. To change the target size, use the arrow adjuster and the selected size will be displayed in the target size box.

The smaller the target the harder it is to click accurately. However, beginners can start with big target size and gradually start decreasing the target size to reach tiny.

Test Time Period

This is a time-based test so this option becomes extremely important. As a player, you can set the time period for which you want to test your mouse skills.

The game offers 4 time periods to choose from i.e. 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds. Use the arrow buttons in the Timebox to increase or decrease the test time period.

The best way to begin mouse accuracy training is from 15 seconds. Once you get at least an 80% accuracy result, move the next time period. Keep in mind that you have to be consistent for longer if you choose 45 seconds or 60 seconds. And that’s how you improve your aim consistency.

Target Colour

If you are just a casual player, the game allows you to change the target color. You can choose from six different colors as to their liking. The color choices are Red, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Orange, and Green.

You can choose any of the colors by simply clicking on the colored dots inside the Target color box. The selected color will get highlighted.

Clearly, the color does not have any impact on your performance but it definitely makes the game more engaging and fun to play.


The last option that you can configure is the sound. Again, players can turn on or turn off the sounds as per their own liking.

With sounds, the test is more engaging and fun to play. For every target hit by the players, there’s a sound that confirms you have hit perfectly.

But, we added the feature to turn off sounds for those players who prefer playing it without sounds to reduce any distractions.

The default sound setting is ON. You have to click on the switch button in the Sound box on the settings screen to turn it off.

Click Accuracy Test Results

After you complete your test, the mouse accuracy test results are displayed on the screen. There are a lot of numbers, percentages, etc that you’ll see. Let us find out in detail what each of them tells about your skills.

The results screen has two important parts. Here is the explanation for both.

Test Statistics

The top half of the result screen consists of the statistical data of the test.

The first box displays the settings of the test you have just completed. You will see the difficulty level, the target size, and the time period.

The second box displays the number of targets you hit correctly, the number of targets you missed, and the speed of mouse clicking in clicks per second. The more clicks you do in the game, the higher will be this number.

The third box displays the total number of targets that appeared in the test, the number of targets you attempted to hit, and the number of targets you completely missed hitting.

Test Scores

The bottom half of the results screen shows the scores based on your performance in the test.

The first box in the bottom half displays your test score. It calculated by a special algorithm that considers your clicks, hits, missed targets to give you a number. Naturally, the higher score you get, the better are your mouse skills.

The efficiency of your clicks is displayed in the second box. Again, the mouse efficiency is calculated by dividing the number of targets you hit by the number of total targets that appeared on the screen. Again, the efficiency score is shown in percentage.

For example, if you hit 8 targets out of 15 targets, the efficiency score is 8 divided by 15 i.e. 53%. Therefore, you must have an efficiency of more than 75% to become a good gamer.

In the very last box, you will see your mouse accuracy score. It also displayed in percentage.

Your accuracy score is calculated by the number of target hits divided by the total number of clicks you made on the screen. For example, if you hit 8 targets in 10 clicks, your accuracy comes out to be 80%.

For an accuracy score, anything above 80% is considered to be a good score.

Benefits of Mouse Accuracy Game

Mouse Accuracy is recommended for gamers because of its benefits and there are a number of them.

The first and foremost benefit of using this test is that it is completely free. You do not pay even a single penny to take this test. No hidden charges or unnecessary purchases.

Secondly, there are no limitations on the number of times you take the test. So you can keep playing for hours without any interruption. All you have to do is click the ‘Play Again’ button after each round.

There are no downloads or installations required to take the test. This test only requires a working internet connection, a computer/laptop, and a mouse that you want to test your skills with.

As this a browser-based test, you can play it from any browser, any location, and on any device (laptop, computer, tablet, etc.)

There are so many customization options that this test is suitable for newbies as well as professional gamers. Anyone can take benefit and improve their mouse accuracy.

On top of all, it is really engaging and fun to play. That is the reason, this test has become a game in itself and now even casual users play it for fun and challenge their friends to beat their scores. You can also share your score on various social media platforms and show off your mouse skills to the world.

Many advanced gamers use auto clickers, to cheat the system but this game is designed in a way that nobody can cheat.

All the targets appear randomly and there is no way anyone can automate the clicks to make sure they hit the targets. So, you have to perform the clicks manually only. So, this is also one of the fairest and competitive tests for mouse accuracy.

There are a lot of mouse games available on the internet, but none of them have so many benefits for gamers like this one.

Other Ways to Improve Mouse Accuracy

Although this test is absolutely great to help you improve your accuracy, if you still want to take it to the next level, we have more options as well.

At, we have created a number of online tools/games that are simple and efficient to help with your gaming skills.

If you are an FPS game lover, one of the most important things to learn is to perfect your aim. For the same, we have developed our Aim Trainer. This will help you learn various aiming techniques to make sure that you kill your enemies in the game like a pro!

You can also take our Click Speed Test, which helps you to make the maximum clicks per second. You can choose to play in 5-second mode, 10-second mode, 30-second mode, and 60-second mode.

We also list many clicking games that you can play online for improving your click skills. These games include simple games like cookie clickers as well as advanced games like Time Clickers. These games will also help you to learn various mouse techniques.

We hope this test will help you increase your mouse accuracy and ultimately become a better gamer!