Fast Clicking – How to Click Faster?

If you are here, it seems like you probably are frustrated with your slow clicking speed, right? But not no more.

Right after you leave this post, I guarantee you an increase of 2 clicks per second in your click speed.

Read below the proven methods which will answer your query ‘How do I click faster’ in an exact manner.

How to Click Faster in Games?

1) Practice Clicking Techniques

When I say clicking techniques, I am pointing out at majorly three worldwide known methods, i.e., jitter clicking, drag clicking, and butterfly clicking.

I will tell you what each of them is later on. But, before that, I am telling you how these clicking techniques can make you click faster.

When you practice these techniques, you will be able to move your hand’s muscles in a way so that you register more clicks than your normal hand movement.

For those interested in exploring these clicking techniques, you can go through my guides on each already ranking on google number 1 position.

  1. How to Jitter Click

  2. How to Drag Click

  3. How to Butterfly Click

2) Use a Gaming Mouse

The second most important thing to help you click faster in games is the use of a gaming mouse. If you do not have it, get one right now. It will not happen if you think of achieving a fast clicking speed without owning a good mouse.

We recommend the Razer mouse, as it is the fastest clicking mouse found during our testing.

3) Play clicker Games

Playing clicker games is my personal tried and tested way to be able to learn fast clicking. And don’t ask me why it works all the time because it is a game!

Playing games is a lot of fun. However, when you enjoy something and learn simultaneously, your brain educates itself way faster than it should.

We recommend you play the click speed test and other clicker games to learn how to increase clicks per second.

4) Take Advantage of Auto Clickers

With the auto clicker, you can achieve an insane mouse clicking speed of 5000 times clicks per second.

There are many free and paid auto clickers available in the market. You can choose among them or go through our curated list of the best auto clicker to save time.

Note: Owners of Razer mice can set up their personalized auto clicker using the company’s official software Razer Synapse.

5) Use a mouse instead of Laptop trackpad

Come on, we all agree to this one. Using a mouse instead of a laptop trackpad can make a lot of difference. At least, we see a considerable spike when we compared the clicking speed of the mouse against the clicking speed on the trackpad.

So we highly recommend trying it yourself, and if you see an improvement in cps, then why not stick to it.

Wrapping up with Few important Points on How to Click Fast

  • Don’t Overstress your fingers during fast clicking. It can lead to carpal tunnel.
  • A good gaming mouse helps a lot.
  • If you want to click faster in Bedrock Mineplex, Only a little clicking practice is required as Mineplex doesn’t require high cps due to PE players who usually can’t click above 6-7 cps.
  • Drag Clicking is by far the fastest clicking method we found in our research.
📅 August 20, 2021

👤 Justin Dawson

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