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Kohi Click Test | Take the Clicking Test from Minecraft

Take the Kohi Click Test and determine your clicking speed today! Simply click on the big blue button to start the test and keep clicking it as fast as you can for 10 seconds. Your CPS score will be shown on the screen!

Want to know more about the Kohi click test?

Read further for complete details, steps and find out how this test can help you improve mouse clicking speed.

What is Kohi Click Test?

Kohi Click Test is an online program for testing clicking speed. It helps users to practice fast clicking and improve their CPS. Players are given 10 seconds to click a button as many times as they can. The test gives the score by determining clicks per second.

The Kohi Click Test was first featured on a Minecraft server called Kohi and hence got its name. It was introduced for Player vs Player (PvP) mode games where players had to click faster to win the battles.

It was the first and one-of-its-kind test that made it simpler for players to practice fast clicking without having to worry about getting killed by the opponent or losing the game.

Eventually, Kohi got merged with Badlion, another PvP server for popular games. But, even after it merged, players still demand and love to play the Kohi Click Test.

Steps to take Kohi Click Test

If you also want to improve your mouse click speed, see the steps to take the Kohi click test below.

  1. Visit www.clickspeedtester.com from your browser.
  2. Click the Kohi Click Test option from the header menu.
  3. On the open page, you will see a ‘Click Here’ button. Click on it to start the test.
  4. As soon the button is clicked, it will start counting the number of clicks your make.
  5. The test has a time limit of 10 seconds. You can check the remaining time on the timer below the button.
  6. Keep clicking the button quickly till the timer reaches 10 seconds.
  7. After that, the test will show you the results in the form of CPS (click per second).

As mentioned before, this test was created to let players practice fast clicking and then use their speed in games like Minecraft etc. That’s why there are no limits to the test.

You can take this test as many times as you want by just clicking on the ‘Restart’ button.

Clicking Methods You can Use

Following are the clicking methods you can use while taking this test.

Regular Clicking

The most common way of clicking is using the index finger to click the left mouse button. Quite simple, right? Yes, it is, and that’s why it is not considered an efficient way for gaming.

With regular clicking, you can only achieve a maximum clicking speed of around 6 CPS. Still, there are some players who still prefer regular clicking and perform well in games.

Butterfly Clicking

If you want to score well in the Kohi test, you can use Butterfly clicking. It involves using the index finger as well as a middle finger to click the same mouse button.

You must use both the fingers in an alternating fashion to click just like the butterfly wings. This method instantly doubles your CPS but you have to first practice it for a few times to master it.

Jitter Clicking

Another way for clicking that will help you perform better at the test is Jitter clicking. With this method, you can score 10-14 CPS easily.

It is one of the advanced methods and not recommended for newbies.

If you still want to go for it, then follow my guide on how to jitter click properly. There are some medical risks involved if you do jitter clicking for a long period.

Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is once again an advanced technique of mouse clicking. In this, you use only your index finger and drag it over the button in a way that the button gets clicked multiple times.

This can give you CPS results similar to jitter clicking but without any serious medical risks.

How Kohi Click Test can help Improving CPS?

Clicking speed matter a lot in many games such as Minecraft PvP (even in FPS games too). The one who can click faster has more chances to win it. And, practice is the only way to improve any skill.

That’s where Kohi click test helps you – PRACTICE!

Every time you take the test, you get your CPS score. Note this score and try to beat the score in the next time. Repeat the same until you reach at least 8-10 clicks per second. It recommended practice around 1-2 hours a day to reach such speed.

Once you have reached 8-10 CPS, don’t stop!

Now, use the advanced clicking methods that I have explained above to further improve your speed. Keep your target between 10-14 CPS if you want to become a pro at PvP and FPS games.

Keep practicing using the Kohi click test and beat those opponents in battles (your win is waiting for you!)

Other Alternatives of Kohi Click Test

Just in case, you don’t want to use this test, there are alternatives to Kohi Click Test that you can use. Check them out below.

Different Click Test Tools

Although Kohi Click test does what is it meant for, there are some other click tests that you might want to take. They have more options such as the ability to select different time frames, more scoring parameters etc.

You can take our own CPS Test that is a better version. It allows you to play in 1-second, 5-second, 10-second, 60-second and 100-second modes.

Auto Clickers (Cheating)

Another way to skip using these click tests is just automating the clicking process programmatically. Yes, Auto clickers are the tools that automate mouse clicks and you can focus on the gameplay entirely.

Auto clickers basically work as a hack for clicking and it considered cheating/illegal in games. In fact, some games are now advanced enough to detect these auto clickers and ban the players who use them.

So, be careful! 😉