keyboard Tester – Online keyboard Checker To Test Keystrokes

You may sometimes experience that your keyboard does not perform any action despite pressing the keys multiple times.

Don’t worry!

There is a way to check the faulty keyboard; it’s a Keyboard test; what it does is When you press a key on the keyboard, the corresponding key on the virtual keyboard will light up with green color.

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How does Keyboard Tester Work?

As you see above, a button says, take the Keyboard test. Once you click on that, you will find a virtual keyboard on the screen.

From here on, if you strike a key on your keyboard to test, the corresponding key on the virtual keyboard lights up with green color.

Note: Green Color signifies that your keystroke test is successful.

At any point, you see a keystroke pressed doesn’t change the color to green, which means the key you pressed is faulty.

Once you test the keyboard’s full keys with our keyboard tester tool and all of them are working correctly, you find all of the virtual keyboard keys turn into green.

You will see a result like this in the image for your reference.

Key tester 100% Success

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Why my Keyboard is not Working Correctly? – The Reason behind

There may be a couple of reasons why your Keyboard’s keys are not working correctly. Let’s go through them one by one.

1) With the passing time and rough usage, it is usual that the dust accumulates inside your Keyboard, and because of that, the keys are unresponsive and sticking.

In this case, we highly recommend checking keystroke twice with the keyboard test instead of once.

2) If you mainly see a not responding error, there are high chances that there is a connection issue between the Keyboard and computer.

3) Finally, in the case of incorrect output, the keys may be installed are wrong, or there could be circuit damage between them.

How to Fix a Faulty keyboard?

First and foremost, use our online virtual keyboard tester to identify the faulty keys, and after that, you can go ahead with the below-mentioned steps.

1) In the case of dust, turn the keyboard upside down and gently tap to release the dust from inside.

Alternatively, you can also use a blower or a compressed air cleaner to blow away the dirt.

2) In the case of spilling a soda or a coffee, you should get it checked with the hardware expert, or maybe buy a new one.

3) In the case of not responding error, double-check the connection between the Keyboard and the computer. If there is nothing wrong, try a different plug, and if that too doesn’t work, then check for the twisted or bent port because that could be why the connection gets unstable and results in the not responding error.

4) In the case of a changed layout, go to keyboard settings and change to QWERTY format because it is a standard layout.

5) In the case of outdated software, head over to the manufacturer’s website, download the updated version, install it and restart your computer.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

How to test Keyboard?
First, go to the device manager. From there, make a right-click to expand the computer’s keyboard listing. After that select, “Scan for Hardware Changes” to test your computer’s Keyboard.

Alternatively, you can use our keyboard tester tool to virtually test the Keyboard online.

How to see what key am i pressing?
It is so easy, all you have to is press the key on your Keyboard, and the corresponding key on our online keyboard checker tool will turn green.