Double Click Test | Check & Fix Your Double Clicking Mouse

You may sometimes experience that your mouse does double-click despite you click it only once.

Don’t worry!

Use the double click test to check the double-clicking problem of your mouse. It will capture and log the different events performed from the mouse click and detects whenever a double click is registered.

How does Double Click Test work?

As you see above, there are three boxes titled Left, Middle, and Right. Each of them respectively logs the different mouse click.

When the user does the right-click, it will log into the right-side box. Similarly, it applies to the middle and the left boxes.

At any given point, if the double clicking test tool detects the double-click, it will automatically change the status of that side box and log for the double click count.

Let’s take an example. If, at any given point of time during the test, someone does a left click on his mouse, and the corresponding output is a double-click error. You will see a result just like the image below provided for your reference.

Double Click test tool

What causes double-clicking?

There are four main possibilities of why your mouse does a double click. Let’s go through them one by one.

1) Double click speed set too low – There is an option in the main settings where you specify the double-click speed setting of your mouse. When set very low, then clicking just one time may be counted as a double-click.

Want to learn how to adjust double-click speed settings on your computer? I was hoping you could go through this fantastic resource I found on the internet by

2) Dirty Mouse Problem – Over time, the accumulation of dust and dirt particles inside the mouse button results in a double-click despite you click the mouse button only once.

3) Wireless signal interference may be the reason – If you are using a wireless mouse, then there are chances that the wireless mouse signals are interfering with the wireless receiver.

4) Defective Mouse – Another reason that your mouse incorrectly recognizes a single click as a double click is because it may malfunction, or it has a defective circuit board. In this case, we advise you to check your mouse for other things such as Mouse accuracy, check all the buttons, check the sensor light, etc.

How to fix double clicking mouse?

Well, this may be a tricky question because it depends upon what precisely the issue with your mouse is, and it can only be said once a professional guy checks it thoroughly.

But here are a few things you can try on your own and see if it works for you or not.

First and foremost, check for the double-click speed settings. I have already talked about it above. Secondly, you can try repairing your mouse on your own (I am leaving here a valuable resource from on how to fix a mouse for double-click problem)

Lastly, If nothing works, you can get it checked by a professional hardware guy and decide whether to buy a new one or the old one can be still repaired.

What is the normal double-click speed?

The default double-click speed is set to 480ms i.e. almost half a second in Windows. It can be adjusted to make it slower or faster.

Is double clicking allowed in Hypixel?

Double clicking is allowed in Hypixel when its done manually. Gamers who use software for double clicking while playing on Hypixel server, they are most likely to be detected and get banned immediately.