APM Test | Check Your Actions Per Minute Now!

Take the Action Per Minute test (also called APM Test) to find out how many actions you can perform within a minute. If you have lightning-fast response, you have higher chances to win action-packed video games.

Read further to learn more about checking APM and why is it important for gamers.

What is Actions Per Minute (APM) Test?

Action Per Minute or APM is a number of actions that a player performs in a minute while playing a game. The higher the APM, the higher would be the chances of winning!

We have created this test by taking inspiration from popular games like StarCraft, Warcraft, League of Legends.

Players can take the Action per minute test to see their APM score. If you love to play action games and real-time strategy games such as Warcraft, Total War etc, your APM score matters a lot.

How is APM calculated?

Actions per minute (APM) is calculated by counting the number of clicks (actions) performed in one minute. APM defines who fast and accurate you are when it comes to real-time gaming performance.

How to use the APM Test online?

We make sure the test is simple and easy so that even beginners can be benefitted. Below are the steps that you can follow to take the Action per minute test online.

  1. Open any web browser on your laptop, computer or smartphone. This test is compatible with all modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.
  2. Enter clickspeedtester.com/apm-test in the address bar and hit enter.
  3. The website with an online version of the APM test will open.
  4. There are 3 difficulty levels; Slow, Medium, Fast, Super Fast. You can choose any of the levels. We suggest beginning with the Slow level first and gradually move to higher levels once you see improvement in your APM score.
  5. To start the test, just click on the blue-colored button labeled as ‘Start Game’.
  6. As the game begins, the blue boxes will start appearing on the grid. Your job is to click on these boxes before they disappear.
  7. For each correct click, you get a point while for a wrong click you get no points.
  8. While you are clicking, time will be running out in the background. After a certain time, the final scores are displayed automatically.
  9. You will be able to see the following scores: Actions Per Minute (APM), Effective Actions Per Minute (EPM), Effective Clicks, Total Clicks and the Accuracy Percentage.

Getting a high APM score is easy but getting an equally high EPM is quite difficult. While practicing, you must ensure that your Accuracy percentage is at least above 75%.

How important is APM for gamers?

You must be thinking why APM is so important in the first place. In layman terms, it correlates how fast you can make decisions as per the environment and take the desired action faster.

But, there’s more to it.

Here’s why you must practice using APM test achieving higher Actions per minute in your games.

Improves Accuracy

No matter what games you love to play, accuracy is the key to win. The more accurate your actions (clicks or keystrokes) the more will be your chances to destroy your opponent in the game.

By taking this test over and over again, the accuracy in your gaming actions will improve positively.

Those who have practiced using this test saw a steep increase in their accuracy. And, eventually, they were able to clear those difficult game levels too.

After this test finished, the accuracy percentage is displayed. Make sure your accuracy lies above 95% otherwise keep restarting the test until you achieve that mark.

Improves Reaction Time

After the accuracy, the second thing that the APM test helps you improve is reaction time. We all know how important reaction time is, especially, in MMO games – even split-second counts!

Gamers who have slow reaction time will not be able to hit many targets, thus having very low actions per minute.

This test designed in a way that every time you play it, your reaction time will be lesser and your APM will be higher. Your reaction time depends on your hand-eye coordination. Every time you see the blue color box, you have to click it quickly.

If you fail to react within time to click the blue box, it will disappear. Your APM score will be lesser for each blue box you miss. You can always re-start and practice to reduce your reaction time.

Reduces Redundant Actions

Most beginners do this mistake of doing redundant or repetitive actions. They would start clicking and hitting everything they see and hoping that it would kill your enemy. It happens most of the time in games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc.

Although this way will definitely make you do more clicks per minute, it will NOT increase your effective actions per minute.

While playing this test, you are not allowed to click the black boxes to ensure you do not repeat your clicks on one single box. This way redundant actions get reduced automatically.

That was all. I hope you score well in the Actions Per Minute test and improve your overall gaming performance. Don’t forget to share your score in the comments and challenge your friends to beat it.

FAQs about Action per Minute Test

What is a good APM?

An APM of 100-120 is considered a good APM score. There are players who even touch 200 APM which is typically the best APM to aim.

What does APM mean in gaming?

APM is short for Actions per minute which refers to the total number of actions performed by a player in a game in 1 minute. The concept of APM first got popular with real-time strategy games like Starcraft.