Butterfly Clicking – How to Butterfly Click?

In a game like Minecraft PVP, where high clicks per second are required, users often try the butterfly clicking technique to have a competitive advantage.

So what is Butterfly Clicking? Butterfly clicking is a clicking method where you click your mouse, usually with your middle finger and index finger, to register more clicks as quickly as possible.

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How do you use a butterfly Click?

It’s all in the technique, and the more you practice, the more you become better at doing a butterfly click in Minecraft.

How to butterfly Click? Butterfly click is clicking alternating between two fingers, usually the middle finger and index finger. By doing this, you generate high CPS.

Basically, in butterfly clicking, we click the mouse so that the mouse registers double the number of clicks (or even more) than the usual clicking.

Gamers have this secret way to click twice on every mouse despite clicking it only once. And the way how they do it is butterfly clicking.

Of course, it is not easy as it requires a lot of practice, but once you master this technique, no one can stop you from scoring high in the cps test.

To better understand the topic, we have recorded our video in which you can see us performing the butterfly clicking technique. Therefore, we are providing the same below.


Note: World record for the most number of clicks using butterfly clicking is 20 clicks per second

How do you get better at Butterfly Clicking?

To master the technique of butterfly clicking, make sure you have a consistent pattern.ย For example, you are not tapping the mouse two times with your middle finger and then tapping it one time with your pointer finger.

It always got to be continuously tapping without a break. And if you are new to butterfly clicking, you might have a hard time following the technique, but trust me, if you are more consistent with your taps, you will get more than 20 clicks per second.

Ensure you don’t want to apply more pressure on one finger and apply no pressure on the second finger. Instead, apply equal pressure on both fingers.

There is a butterfly click test to check your mouse clicking speed to get better at butterfly clicking. Just make sure every time you give it a try, you note your speed to become better each time.

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Is Butterfly clicking cheating?

No, butterfly clicking is not considered cheating, but if you click 20 cps, you might get mistaken for an auto clicker, which is not allowed.

Is Butterfly clicking allowed on Hypixel?

You may use the Butterfly clicking technique at your own risk on Hypixel. There are many instances where performing the Butterfly clicking leads to false bans on Hypixel.

Best Mice For Butterfly Clicking

To perform butterfly clicking smoothly, you must have a firm grip on your mouse. Also, the mouse you have should perform constant and fast clicking.

Considering the above two points, we are dropping here a few recommendations, which you can check out,

  1. Razer DeathAdder V2
  2. Glorious Model O
📅 July 22, 2022

👤 Justin Dawson