Scroll Test | Check Your Mouse Scroll Speed

Want to test your scroll speed? Our simple scroll Speed test will tell you exactly how many pixels you can scroll every second.

At times, in several games or otherwise, you are required to scroll at high speed to perform better. To improve your mouse scroll speed, you will need practice. For that, you can use the scroll wheel test above.

You can learn more about our scroll wheel test below.

What is the Scroll test?

Scroll Test is an online tool to perform a vertical scrolling test. You can use scroll wheel test to find out how fast you can scroll using your mouse wheel.

This scroll speed test gives you the exact number of pixels scrolled in every second. Your final score depends on the peak scroll speed achieved during the period of the test.

Apart from checking your scroll speed, taking the scrolling test will help you to see whether your mouse wheel is working fine. In case you’ve bought a brand new mouse for gaming and want to find out its scroll wheel performance, then our test is the best option to identify that!

What is Scrolling Speed?

Scrolling speed is calculated by dividing the total normal of pixels scrolled by the total number of seconds. The Scroll speed is measured in pixels per second.

Hyper Scrolling: Many mice, especially gaming mouse, have a feature called Hyper Scrolling that tweaks the scroll sensitivity and allows you to achieve high scrolling speed in the slight flick of the mouse wheel.

How to Test Scrolling Speed?

Though our scroll test is quite easy, let us just take a look at the steps to test your mouse scrolling speed (pixels scrolled per second).  Follow the simples steps provided below.

  • Visit
  • Make sure you have a working internet as this an online scroll test and requires an internet connection.
  • On the webpage, you’ll see a green scrolling section with the words ‘Scroll as Fast as You Can!’.
  • All you have to do is, just take your mouse pointer over the text and start scrolling at high speed.
  • As you’ll scroll, the count of pixels scrolled every second will be visible inside that green scrolling section.
  • There is no limit for this scrolling test. You can keep scrolling till you feel like you should stop.
  • Once you stop scrolling, the your peak scrolling speed will be displayed on the screen.
  • If you are not satisfied with the scroll speed, you can restart the test.
  • To restart, just start scrolling again inside the green section.

So, these were the steps for using our online scroll test. We hope this helps you to improve your scroll efficiency and overall performance in your favorite games!

What is the world record for scroll test?

The world record for fastest scroll speed reached on scroll test is 7493 pixels per second.

Do you think you can make the fastest scroll in the world? Well, keep trying. Don’t forget to challenge your fellow gamers to take this scroll speed test and see if they can beat you.

Want to test your mouse skills more?

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