Free Online Mirror To See Yourself on Screen

Want to see yourself but have no mirror? Use this free online mirror and see yourself on your computer as well as your mobile.

Important: Make sure you click Allow to see yourself in the Web mirror.

The Online mirror shows your reflection on the screen just like you see your reflection with a real mirror. So, whenever you do not have a real mirror around or you forget your makeup mirror, you can use the online mirror to make sure you are looking the best!

Let’s see how to convert your PC or mobile into a mirror.

online mirror

Free Mirror Online: How it Works?

An Online Mirror (also called web mirror) uses the web camera of your computer or the front camera of your mobile to display your live picture on the screen.

In other words, it turns your PC or mobile phone into a mirror! Ain’t that cool?

I created this tool with ease of use as the first priority. It is so simple to use this mirror but in case you are new to all this, see the steps to use this online mirror camera.

Using Online Mirror to See Yourself

  1. Open in your web browser and navigate to the Mirror tool.
  2. This will load the free mirror online in your browser.
  3. Once the page is loaded, you will be prompted to give permission to use the camera.
  4. You must allow access to the camera, otherwise, the web mirror will not work!
  5. After clicking Allow, you will be able to see your mirror image on the screen.
  6. You can use the web camera mirror on your phone, computer or any other compatible device.

How will an Online Mirror Help You?

You might wonder why should you use a mirror online. Well, I am listing out some of the common use cases and benefits of an online computer mirror that shows your reflection in a few clicks!

Testing New Glasses: While buying a new pair of glasses, all you need to see is whether they look good on you. And, you can do it only if there’s a physical mirror around. Or, you can simply open the online camera mirror and take a look at whether your new pair of glasses suit you!

Zoom In and Out: Now, that’s something a real mirror cannot do – ZOOM! A very important advantage that you get with an online mirror over a real mirror is the zoom feature. When you see yourself in a mirror online, you can actually zoom in and zoom out to see closeups and more details.

Trying on Makeup: For girls, trying a new makeup look is completely impossible without a mirror. Though, when you are in store, you’ll find a mirror there but at times there isn’t one. In such situations, you can use this tool as a makeup mirror online and try as many makeup looks as you want.

Easy to Carry: While traveling or on the go, it is not possible to carry a physical mirror with you all the time. But, most of us always carry our laptops or mobile phones with us. That’s it. With this tool, you can use your laptop or mobile as a mirror for free.

Filters: I do not recommend using filters on an online mirror. The reason if you want the web mirror to show you exactly how you would look like in a mirror, then filters are totally gonna ruin it. So, there are no filters in this tool. Though, if you want me to add filters, just comment below and I will do it.

Your Privacy is Important!

Many users do not use a mirror online just believing that it could be a privacy risk. I made this web camera mirror ensuring that your privacy is not violated.

This online mirror uses your camera and shows the image on your screen. All this happens locally on your computer or mobile. None of the images or videos gets recorded or saved on our servers or any third party.

So, it is 100% secure to use this free web mirror without worrying about privacy. Still, if you want more details on how secure is this, please ask in comments and I will answer your queries.

I hope this online mirror will help you in situations when you do not have a real mirror around. Don’t forget to share your suggestions and feedback in the comments!