How do I right click on Mac

How to Right Click On Mac, Macbook & Macbook Pro [Step by Step]

If you have been recently moved over to Apple Mac from Windows PC world, you are probably super obsessed with right-clicking to get things done on Windows.

But when you enter into the Mac’s world, then you definitely think where in the world did my right click go. For those of you, who are actually facing this issue of how to right click on a Mac, let me tell you, Macs also have this, but here we call them secondary clicking.

This right clicking on Mac is very easy to configure whether you own a track pad or a magic mouse. So without further ado let’s straight jump onto – How do you right click on a Mac.

Different Ways by Which You Can Right Click on Mac

Here are all the possible ways I found to right click on my Mac. Obviously, you can choose the one which is more suitable and convenient as per your need.

1. Right Click in Mac Using Control Clicking

This is far most the easiest and the basic way of right clicking on Mac. Control clicking on Mac is almost similar to the right-clicking on windows. So let’s see how we do it step by step:

a) First, press the control (Ctrl) key and keep holding it while you click the mouse button.’

Mac right click control clicking

b) After that, release the control key after clicking the mouse button.

Note: This method only works if you own a 1-button mouse MacBook track pad, or the built-in button on the standard Trackpad.

2. Right Click in Mac with the help of Mac Mouse

As I have already mentioned, control clicking is the default and the basic way of doing a right clicking on Mac, and it requires two hands. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of effort?

If you don’t want to use your both the hands doing this, then you can simply customize your preferences to enable a right click when you do a right tap on your Magic Mouse.

Follow the below step by step procedure to enable the right clicking on mac from user preferences.

a) First, go the apple menu.

Apple Mac Menu

b) From thereon, you can open the “system preferences”.

c) After that, click on the mouse.

Mouse System Preference

d) On the next screen, you will find “Secondary Click” Option.

Secondary Click Mac Setting

e) Use the drop-down menu to select the option which says, “Click on the right side”.

Seconday click on right side Mac

Note: You can also change the pointer speed of the mouse from here on this screen as well. Because most of the gamer like to adjust settings as per their needs while playing different clicking games.

3. Right Click on Macbook with Track pad

Apart from the two ways already described above, you can also do a right click on Macbook with the help of a track pad. Simply, do a light tap around the center of your track pad with two fingers to do a right click on Macbook.

Also, if you don’t want to use your two fingers and would prefer to do it just like the way you were doing in Windows-based computer, at the right corner of your track pad, tweak the track pad settings from the ‘system preferences’.

To enable the right click on Macbook with the help of track pad, follow the simple instructions mentioned below.

a) Jump to the apple menu.

b) Open “System Preferences” from there.

c) After that, select the track pad options.

Trackpad option in Mac

d) Move on to the “click and point” tab.

e) Find the box sitting next to the “secondary click” and tick on it.

f) Just after that, open the drop-down menu and select “click in bottom right corner”.

click in bottom right corner for mac right click settings

g) If you are left handy, then opt for the option which says, “Click in bottom left corner”.

4. Right Click on MacBook Using the force Touch Track pad

You probably know that newer models of Macbook pro come with the feature of “Force Touch Track pad”. By using which you can perform certain functions when you apply a certain amount of pressure on the track pad.

Check for the model you own, and if it has this feature, then you can simply adjust the settings so that it will perform a right click when you put a certain amount of pressure on the track pad.

Perform the under mentioned settings to enable the force touch feature on your track pad.

a) Go to the “Apple Menu”.

b) Open “System preferences”.

c) Select the Track pad option.

d) Choose the “Point and click” tab.

e) On this screen, tick the checkbox corresponds to the option “Force click and haptic feedback”.

Force click and haptic feedback option

f) Now configure the slider under the option “Click”. This is to how much pressure you want to put to do a right click on Macbook.


I personally think, windows users find it a little hard to adapt to all these ways to perform a right click on Mac, but with the passage of time and with a little practice, you truly can overcome all the hurdles.

Also, if you find difficulty in doing the Mac right click by following one of the ways explained above, then you can simple jump on to the next and try it. My best and personal way of doing a right click on Mac is through the mouse or the track pad.

📅 December 16, 2019

👤 Justin Dawson

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