EDPI Calculator | Find Your eDPI for Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch

Do you know that the overall sensitivity within the games you play is more than just an in-game sensitivity because you also have your mouse dpi to consider?

Let’s understand the above point made with an example. There are two players, A and B. Player ‘A’ has in-game sensitivity of 5% and a DPI of 200. Player ‘B’ has In-gaming sensitivity of 3% and a DPI of 300.

Among the two of them who have the highest sensitivity, is it because he has the higher In-gaming sensitivity or is it because he has the higher DPI.

“eDPI” helps us answer such questions and gives us the consistent value that we can use to determine any player’s sensitivity regardless of the mouse DPI they use.

For those who wonder how to calculate EDPI, i.e., Effective dots per inch or real player’s sensitivity? The answer is by using the EDPI calculator. It takes your mouse DPI and multiplies it by sensitivity.

How to Calculate eDPI for any game?

The formula calculate eDPI is in-game sensitivity multiplied by mouse DPI. The calculator on this page uses the same formula to find the effective dots per inch.

eDPI = In-game sensitivity × Mouse DPI

Now let’s see how to calculate EDPI with an example, here we are assuming that you want the exact eDPI as your friend.

  • First and foremost, check the mouse DPI & In-gaming sensitivity values, for example, DPI 500 and sensitivity 0.9.
  • Secondly, set the sensitivity type of the game you are currently playing. For CS:GO, this is decimal sensitivity, and for Fortnite, this is percentage sensitivity.
  • Last but not least, calculate your friends eDPI according to the formula above:
    eDPI Value = Mouse DPI * sensitivity = 500 * 0.9 = 450
  • Now it’s time to check your settings, for example, DPI 100.
  • After you have found your Mouse DPI, calculate your needed sensitivity with the formula,
    sensitivity = eDPI / DPI = 450 / 100 = 4.50

That’s how you calculate your eDPI settings using your friend’s settings. Good luck, now you have equal chances to win against your friends.

If you are not good at maths, you can use our SIMPLE AND EASY to use EDPI calculator to do everything for you within a few seconds.

Now you have your best suitable EDPI, why don’t you try your hands on our aim trainer game for a few practice shots.

What EDPI is considered Low/Medium/High sens?

Let’s take the estimation based on Mouse DPI equals 800.

  • 0%-5% low 0-40 edpi.
  • 6%-8% medium 48-64 edpi.
  • 9%-14% high 72-112 edpi.
  • 15% above super high 120 edpi and above.

What is a good EDPI for Fortnite, Valorant, CS:GO, etc.?

Most of the Fortnite players have an EDPI range between 36 and 68. It is not something you strive to achieve every time because every player has a different way to play the game. Above all, you can always use Fortnite eDPI calculator to match your friend’s eDPI sensitivity if you find it comfortable.

What is a good eDPI for Volarant? We have asked this question from the pros players, and they suggest, keeping your EDPI in between 180 – 400 is a good range.
To find out what mouse sensitivity settings pros are using for Valorant, I would advise you to look at this excellent resource I found online here.

What is a good eDPI for CS:GO? The average EDPI value of CS:GO players are 876, but few professionals can go higher up to 955. We recommend trying different combinations from CS:GO EDPI calculator and stick to the one that feels best for your hands.