Online Click Counter

Online Counterย (orย Click Counter) is a tally counter that lets you count the number of the mouse click, number of people, inventory count, exercise repetitions, or other things as well.

What is a Click counter Use for?

Clicker Counter or also knows as a button counter is a tool developed by our team using which you can count the number of clicks you make from your mouse, mobile, or any other device.

We design this click counter keeping simplicity and ease of use in mind. It is easily accessible to everyone who wants to count anything. Either it is following your regular exercise training reps or tracking the speed of the people, it works well for anything and everything.

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How does a Click Counter Work?

The click counter gets activated when you press the button that says ‘Start clicking’ above the screen. It will count up the counter by one number. The counter will go up every time you click on it. To reset the counter from Zero, you have to press the reset button.

Click Counter App

For those of you searching for the clicker counter app, here is a dierct link to download the app.